Everyday, I travel on the Dubai Metro to work. Before my phone had an internet connection, I used to watch the different kinds of people who got on and off the train. I've always loved people watching, and I adore public transport because it allows me to do this. In a place like Dubai, you see people from all over the world, and hear interesting conversations. After I got a smartphone, I've noticed that my people watching has become almost non-existent. I miss it. So I've decided to incentivise not looking at my phone during my daily commute. Everyday, I am going to look for interesting looking people on the train and commit them to memory. What they're wearing, what they look like, what they're doing, etc. At the end of the day, I am going to draw them from memory. I don't know how long this exercise is going to last, but I certainly hope I have the self control to continue with it.